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[PCC CIAP] PCC Weekly News|campus parking pass, vaccination proof, book, map......

PCC CIAP-Weekly News

2021 8.30

Should I buy a parking pass or not?

Did you visit the school during the first week of school?

There are so many people going to the bookstore to pick up!

Have you found a place in the parking lot yet?

According to an unreliable source

PCC's student parking is free for a certain period of time ~

学校给我们在Lancer point发了这封邮件⬇️

The school literally means that if you buy a parking pass but don't need to go to school ,you will need to apply for a refund before September, 25, after which you will not be able to refund. But for those who still want to go to school, a parking pass is still a cost-effective option.

So what is the best value for money?

The answer isDepending on whether you have received assistance from PCC

That is, the analysis by two situations.

Please look down ~

[Under normal circumstances] Purchase of PCC parking card

Under normal circumstances, PCC parking cards are $64 each

假设:PCC 停车卡为64美金一张

You have to go to school 2 times a week for 16 weeks, which means you need to park 32 times. Then it costs you $2 per day to buy a ticket, i.e. you need to spend $64 in total. If you buy a parking pass directly, the price is the same, So buy than not to buy a good deal

Parking times: 2x16=32 times

Parking amount: 32x$2=$64

「If you only go to school once a week, just buy a day pass!」

[When financial aid is available] Purchase of PCC parking card

PCC parking cards are $30 each, subject to availability of financial aid

Assumptions: PCC parking card is 30 USD each.

You have to go to school 1 time a week for 16 weeks, which means you need to park 16 times. Then you need to buy a ticket for $2 per day, which means you need to spend $32 in total。If you buy a parking pass directly in this case, you can save $2 wow! 买了肯定比不买划算

Parking times: 1x16=16 times

Parking amount: 16x$2=$32

As long as you need to go to school at least once a week, buy it!

PCC Campus Map

PCC's campus is not that big

But without a map, people who are unfamiliar with it may get lost.

Attached is a map of the PCC campus ⬇️

「A paper copy of the campus map is available at the entrance of the PCC Library」

PCC Library Hours

PCC's library can be said to be a popular place recently

Many of you are curious about the library's opening hours

Attached are the PCC library hours ⬇️

「Let's learn together! Followed by regular updates!」

Other noteworthy things

Submitting your vaccination card has been unsuccessful?

If you have been unsuccessful in submitting your vaccination card, you may want to try an electronic vaccination card with your driver's license

Electronic vaccine card processing website.

If you are vaccinated in California, please enter your personal information and you will receive the QR code for vaccination immediately~

PCC Bookstore Pick up

The pick up line is really long, so be prepared to stand in line for an hour. Remember to receive the ready pick up page and then go to the queue.

Otherwise, the basket of water is empty ; ; ~

Can't find a free eBook? Do not want to spend a lot of money to buy books?

Look on Taobao, search for the book title or ISBN number, you may find a cheap electronic version of Oh ~


PCC Bookstore 白送的150刀,线上购书9月4日过期,线下购书9月7日过期。小伙伴们别忘咯!

「详情请看:【PCC CIAP】PCC本周校园新鲜事|PCC Bookstore 白送150刀?Waitlist无望得到code?……

PCC CIAP is known as Pasadena City College Campus Information Assistance Platform. It is a public service platform established by current PCC students to provide all PCC students with information assistance on course selection, campus information, and other topics to promote fair competition among students. Our current role is to provide a weekly push of what's new on PCC's campus, as well as a technology service that provides real-time monitoring of PCC's course status. We are currently in the early stages of development and will be providing more services to PCC students in the future.


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