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Course Selection Tips

Many students don't know how to choose a course?

There are many students who are flustered and overwhelmed by course selection because they don't know which courses they need for their major or are overwhelmed by a large number of course instructors. So I'm going to give you a quick rundown on how to properly choose the right classes for you at PCC!

First, come to Lancerpoint and click My classes & Academics

Then click My Educational Plan at bottom right

(There are detailed descriptions on Education Plan official website

At the bottom of the tab, you can find Education Plan made by the counselor

For example

Students can choose course according to the plan made by the Counselor

Let us go back to Lancerpoint at My classes & Academics Tab, and click Schedule of Classes option.

At Subject options to search the course you chose, such as Math 003:

Only need to enter the CRN and click Submit on Lancer point' Add/Drop Classes tab, to enroll in the course

Below are the meaning of abbreviations

-HY Half online and Half inperson

-L In Person

-Cap Capacity of the course

-Act Number of already enrolled students in the course

-Rem Number of remaining seats of the course


1. Most of Waitlisted course is possible to enroll

2. Closed Course is unable to be enrolled through CRN

3. Please confirm whether your course schedule will be conflicted with others!


How to choose a good professor?

Here recommend a website, Rate My Professors. After enter school's name and enter professor's name, you will be able to check the rating and the comments submitted by the students.

Please noteRate My Professors's rating is only for reference, not always correct!

Here is also a recommended course list from ASC club


How to enroll Pathway?

Pathway also known as FYE(First Year Experience). It's a very important part for fresh man because it can give students registration priority! Many students have questions about joining Pathway. Don't worry! Follow the below 10 steps:

1. Go to PCC's official website to register the school

2. Finish FAFSA Application and direct to PCC Financial Office(skip here if not applicable)

3. Activate your student account's Lancer Point, usually you will receive an email immediately containing your student ID and student email.

4. Use your Lancer Point account to login the following URL and complete 1000%


You can skip some courses by Placement. Such as you can skill ESL course and take ENG1A directly.


5. Finish the placement of MATH and ENGLISH

6. Schedule a Counselo and complete an Education Plan.

7. Participate in the in-person or online activity of Pathway. (You can also skip it by clicking the below link)

8. Register JAM,and able to choose Zoom Meeting, Offline,or Online. 请Please note, it's really import to complete JAM.

9. Participate in the pre-register tutorial. (Able to skip)

10. Able to start registering for courses! (Please note, freshmen need to register for College 1.

Please note!Once you complete all the steps, it will be safe to check whether the following badges got highlighted.

Article:Jian, Manzhen,Yongqi


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