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【Volunteer】Environmental Protection Event - Zero Debris Beach Cleanup (Santa Monica)

An Environmental Journey

Volunteer Activities: Beach Cleanup August (Santa Monica)

Volunteer Organizations: Zer0 Debris

[A dried-up marine plant]

It is an act of spiritual healing under the name of environmental protection activity!

Hearing the sea waves and feeling the sea breeze when you clean up the beach.

What a wonderful thing!

Sign up to be the volunteer to clean up the beach!

This is a trash clean-up tool provided by the Zero Debris volunteer organization.

After cleaning up for a while, there has been some harvest.

Record a nice blue sky and white clouds.

Application Instructions

Just signing up on the website!

It will be available every month!

1、Registration link

2、Important Information

  • A Recent Volunteer Activity: August 20th【9:00 am-12:00 pm】

  • Volunteer Activity Location Santa Monica Beach

[Tip: You will need to pay for parking, and you can choose to carpool with friends!]

Steps you need to know

  • Step 1: Find the "Zero Debris" tent

  • Step 2: Get the tools that you will use to clean up trash

  • Step 3: Then clean up around the beach

  • Step 4: Go back to the tent and weigh it

  • Step 5: Finally, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery

[You can take some photos during the volunteer service!]

Such a healing volunteer activity.

You don't want to miss it if you need activities!

- END -

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