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【PCC CIAP】PCC is giving student money again? The last day to drop PCC summer 1 and not take the "W"!

PCC CIAP - Weekly News


The Last Day To Drop without W!

May 18, 2022 is the last day for most PCC summer session 1 classes to conduct "Drop without W & Drop with refund"!

Please check the schedule at Lancer point for the exact dates.⬇️

For those of you who feel that your current course is too stressful, this is the last day of the run! Hurry up!

PCC Is Giving Students $200

As in previous semesters,

PCC is offering $200 to students who have registered for PCC summer classes!

This is the bookstore credit that can only be used in the PCC Bookstore, and is mainly used to buy books and school supplies for students (you can also buy electronic products other than Apple products)!

The Bookstore Credit is $200 for this summer!

Bookstore Credit will expire on July 12, 2022.

Please use it as soon as possible!

For a tutorial on how to use $200, please see:

Or you can watch this post:

【PCC CIAP】PCC本周校园新鲜事|PCC Bookstore 白送150刀?Waitlist无望得到code?……

In the same way as Fall 2021 $150 is used ~


PCC offers a free COVID-19 test for students

The time and place are as follows⬇️

No matter which location you choose

Students will need to show their PCC student ID card!

How to but the PCC daily parking permit

You will need to find this machine in PCC student parking lot⬇️

step 1: Enter your car's license plate number into the machine keyboard

step 2: Make sure the license plate number is correct and press "enter"

step 3: Swipe card or give cash ($ 2)

step 4: Will not issue any tickets of purchase this permit, just leave is fine

PCC Campus Map


If you do get lost in PCC,

You can use PCC CIAP's campus navigation to get you out of the trouble of getting lost!


PCC Library Open Hours

PCC's library is really a popular place!

A lot of student love to doing homework in the library!

PCC Library Open Hours⬇️

Let's learn together! Followed by regular updates!

Other noteworthy things

  • How do I find my professor's email address?

In addition to asking students who have taken the class before in PCC's student.

You can also find the professor's contact information on PCC's website ~

Please see the following video for details⬇️」

  • Submitting your vaccination card has been unsuccessful?

If you have been unsuccessful in submitting your vaccination card, you may want to try an electronic vaccination card with your driver's license, and you may be able to pass.

Electronic vaccine card application website:

If you are vaccinated in California, please enter your personal information and you will receive the QR code for vaccination immediately~

PCC approved email of the proof of vaccination✅⬇️

PCC CIAP is known as Pasadena City College Campus Information Assistance Platform. It is a public service platform established by current PCC students to provide all PCC students with information assistance on course selection, campus information, and other topics to promote fair competition among students. Our current role is to provide a weekly push of what's new on PCC's campus, as well as a technology service that provides real-time monitoring of PCC's course status. We are currently in the early stages of development and will be providing more services to PCC students in the future.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send us a message!

You can scan the code to follow PCC CIAP WeChat official account to get more information

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